Hemetti says opposition intends to dismantle Sudan’s militia forces

(KHARTOUM) - Vice President of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemetti) rejected to hand over power to the opposition Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) accusing them of intending to dismantling the security services, including his Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

Hamidi who is the head of the RSF made the remarks before the police forces at the Khartoum police headquarters in the presence of police chief General Adel Mohammed Ahmed Bashayr, Khartoum state police chief Khalid bin Walid and a number of police chiefs on Monday evening.

He said that the goal of the freedom and change forces is to take power and "we return to the barracks. After what, they intend to embark on the implementation of their agenda which is to change everything. They want to change all the security services, including all the Rapid Support Forces but also the civilian organs."

The vice president of the junta stressed that the transitional government has one job: to organize the elections and to transfer power to an elected government that will take over the administration of the country.

Nonetheless, he stressed that they will not close the door of negotiations with the FFC, but they will only hand over power to honest and fair hands.

"We in the Council are fully responsible for prosecuting corrupt people, and anyone who hinders the implementation of the law.

He renewed his accusation to unknown parties that promoting rumours to create strife between the security services, the armed forces and Rapid Support Forces, on one hand, and the security forces and the police on the other hand.

"The RSF forces are in Khartoum on the directives of the armed forces, and I am not happy with the huge deployment of regular forces in Khartoum because it is a safe city. But this situation is imposed on us and we did not seek it."

The talks over power transfer between the opposition forces and the military council are stalled over the leadership and the composition of the Sovereign Council.

The Islamist militaries last month had to resign after an attempt to include Islamist political forces in the transitional institutions. They denied the revolutionary legitimacy and stressed on the need for equal representation n the country and to avoid attempts to revenge from the opposition groups.

Hemetti in his speech on Monday referred to this idea of equal representation stressing on the need to ensure social peace in the country.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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