Hamdok voices unlimited support to Sudanese army

(KHARTOUM) - Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok expressed his government unlimited support for the armed forces to protect the Sudanese territories.

Hamdok on Saturday addressed a meeting held at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum by the private sector to support the deployment of the armed forces on the eastern borders.

He saluted the bravery of the soldiers who defend the Sudanese territory and guard the frontiers, stressing that the armed forces have a sacred duty, which is to protect the constitution, democracy, and defend the borders of the homeland.

The Sudanese prime minister was outside the country in a private visit to the UAE for a medical shakeup during the border crisis with Ethiopia.

The occasion allowed him to express his support for the armed force for the first time.

Hamdok praised the initiative of the private sector to support the armed forces, saying that this initiative is aimed at integrating the official and popular effort to support the Sudanese army.

He expressed his hope that such a spirit would prevail to address all issues of the homeland, calling for national solidarity to bring the country out of the current economic crisis to the horizons of development, peace and stability.

Hamdok called to develop the areas of small and great Fashaqa and to transform it into an investment zone that would bring economic benefits to the country and to the citizens of the region.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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