Hamadeh: filling presidential vacuum serves everyone

MP Marwan Hamadeh told "As-Sharq" radio station that vacuum in the presidency will remain "until Hezbollah and its superiors are convinced that filling the void serves everyone and mainly Lebanon's higher interest."

"Ending the vacuum serves them [Hezbollah] too, especially now that they are trying to leave Syria after a bloody and murderous adventure," he said.

Tackling the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Hamadeh said "we must detect the reasons behind the injustice that began in Palestine and continued in Syria and now swept over the world."

"We must realize why the Arab and Islamic youths are straying far from Islam," Hamadeh said.

Pertaining to the press crisis in Lebanon, the Deputy accused some newspapers of moral, ethical, professional and journalistic bankruptcy, condemning "every media outlet that adopts defamation as a weapon, while totally disrespecting the public opinion and the message of the press."

"The Premier and the Information Minister have done their part in this regard, but I am still waiting for a reaction from the General Prosecution or the Court of Publications," Hamadeh concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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