HAC Denies Existence of Famine in Sudan

Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) denies in a press release (of which (smc ) has obtained a copy) the allegations propagated by OCHA stating existence of famine in the country. OCHA alleges declines of agricultural production for the year 2015 and rising of crops prices It predicts that 4000000 persons will be affected rating them in the third stage of the crisis or even more worse . OCHA press release also includes allegations of humanitarian deterioration in Blue Nile, south Kordofan and Jebel Mara.
Meanwhile HAC highlights seven points refuting OCHA allegations. It says, in first place OCHA is not a mandated party on issuance and approval of reports related to production average and food situation in Sudan. Secondly no consultation was made with HAC and food security secretarial as government technical departments in change of food and humanitarian aspects. It adds OCHA continues releasing data and statistics on humanitarian situation in Sudan without referring to governmental concerned department to verify the situation in spite of frequent notice made by HAC.
OCHA reported that South Korfofan and Blue Nile will be the most affected areas. However its report contradicts the reality on the ground. The rainfall in the two areas was above average during 2015. The fact is that the suffering in the two areas is caused by northern sector rebels. The rebels refuse humanitarian access suggested by the tripartite mechanism according to UNSC resolution No, 2046. Furthermore HAC said joint survey was conducted in the past six months on crops yield involving FAO, WFP and early warning centre funded by USAID on (November 2015 ) besides aerial survey conducted by ministry of agriculture November 2015 and the final survey on February 2016. All surveys have confirmed existence of food surplus. Based on the available information high food security council decides to set package of arrangements to stabilize prices and remedy situation at fragile areas.. HAC affirms that food situation and talks about famine threatening 4000000 is baseless and doesn’t serve Sudan interest. On the contrary it creates disturbance, shooting up prices and encourages hiding of commodities. Meanwhile HAC urges all partners to work on neutral basis , transparent manner and not exploits humanitarian work for serving political agendas

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