GWM Receives More Than 6,000 Pre-orders for ORA GOOD CAT within 48 hours of Its Launch in Thailand

BAODING, China, Nov. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On October 14, GWM received more than 6,000 orders for ORA GOOD CAT in Thailand within 48 hours of its pre-sale, and it announced its official launch there on October 29.

ORA GOOD CAT is the first model which is based on GWM’s dual-technology platform “L.E.M.O.N + Coffee”, and has become one of the main models of the ORA brand.

Launch of ORA GOOD CAT in Thailand

With smooth lines, the overall appearance of ORA GOOD CAT looks round and full, making it distinctive. Its LED headlights are round and look as cute as a cat’s eyes. The two colors contrast, such as the combination of green and white, red and black, both in appearance and interior design, making it retro and trendy.

ORA GOOD CAT has an intelligent 3-in-1 integrated electric drive system, which is characterized by stronger power storage capacity, higher charging efficiency, effectively improving its range and charging speed. If you’re in a hurry and forget to charge in advance, this system can charge a battery with a range of 100 km in 12 minutes.

It can reach a 30%-80% of battery level in 30 minutes, and a maximum range of 500km when fully charged.

In terms of driving experience, ORA GOOD CAT is equipped with smarter and safer configurations, making it more user-friendly. It has delicate leather seats, and the height of the seat and the angle of the backrest can be adjusted freely. It also has three sets of seat memories that can be activated quickly to fit different users’ driving habits.

It’s remarkable that the driver seat can even provide a massage function when the driver is tired.

Then there is the safety assistance configurations. ORA GOOD CAT is equipped with ACC adaptive cruise and 360-degree panoramic image system. When the user is driving on a congested urban road, the above function will enable the user to get a clear view of the surrounding environment. It can move automatically to follow a vehicle ahead, according to real-time road conditions and intelligently slow down when necessary. This not only ensures the user’s driving safety, but also relieves the fatigue when driving for a long stretch of time.

The birth of ORA GOOD CAT means that GWM has achieved steady development in the new energy field with the support of dual-platform technology.

In fact, before the launch of ORA GOOD CAT in Thailand, the ORA brand has already presented several models at the IAA Mobility 2021, and officially announced that it will be available for pre-sale in Europe in December this year.

Dong Yudong, CEO of the ORA brand, said at the 2021 Overseas Distributors Online Conference that GWM is possessed of the most complete BEV supply chain and the largest manufacturing scale, and its product supply and cost advantages are the powerful backings for ORA to seize the global market share.

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