Greenpeace Releases Secret Documents On 'Risky' EU-US Trade Deal

VIENNA (dpa-AFX) – Greenpeace Netherlands has released leaked documents which it claims to show that an ambitious free Transatlantic trade deal between the United States and the European Union poses major risks for climate, environment and consumer safety.

248 pages of classified documents that the environmental watchdog published Monday ‘make clear the scale and scope of the trade citizens of the United States and the European Union are being asked to make in pursuit of corporate profits.

Greenpeace called on EU and US to stop the negotiations, and urged citizens, civil society, politicians and businesses to engage in an open and fearless debate.

Sylvia Borren, executive director of Greenpeace Netherlands, called on the negotiators to release the latest, complete text of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal to facilitate that discussion.

Both the United States and the European Union want TTIP talks completed by year-end but is facing mounting opposition.

A Greenpeace Netherlands press release Monday said the cache it obtained represents two-thirds of the TTIP draft text as of the latest round of talks in April.

Of the documents released on, 13 chapters offer for the first time the position of the US. It is not offering access to the original documents.

Under the proposed treaty, 70-year-old environmental protection rules enshrined in the GATT agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO) appear to be dropped, according to Greenpeace. The omission of this regulation suggests both sides are creating a regime that places profit ahead of human, animal and plant life and health, it added.

Climate protection will be harder under TTIP. Also, the precautionary principle, enshrined in the EU Treaty, is not mentioned in the chapter on Regulatory Cooperation, nor in any other of the obtained 12 chapters.

Greenpeace warned that while the proposals threaten environmental and consumer protection, ‘big business gets what it wants.’ Opportunities to participate in decision making are granted to corporations to intervene at the earliest stages of the decision making process, the campaign group said.

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