Governor Tours Farm To Witness Harvest Of 2,500 Feddans Of Agricultural Scheme

The Governor of Aweil State, Ronlad Ruay Deng last Saturday toured the YDK farm to witness the successful harvesting of 2,500 feddans of the agricultural scheme in Chimel County.

Governor Tours Farm To Witness Harvest Of 2,500 Feddans Of Agricultural Scheme

Governor of Aweil State, Ronal Rauy Deng during his tour to YDK farm [Photo credit, Governors’ office]

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, 30 September 2016 [Gurtong] – The farm was harvesting a variety of crops including, sorghum and maize.

Governor Ruay said that the farm is a great contribution to the State which will support the fight against food insecurity and malnutrition.

Speaking at the farm, Governor Ruay said he was impressed by Gen. Luka Kuot Deng for his commitment and determination to invest in agriculture as the main engine of growth.

“I am here to encourage YDK to continue with the spirit of food production. This is a great contribution to the State and country at large and will encourage our farmers to export food items instead of food imports in from neighbouring countries.” he said.

He called upon other farmers to focus on their farms in order to have a good harvest.
“I equally call upon other farmers to invest in agriculture, do not think YDK is doing it for its benefit but it is creation of job opportunity to our youth, men and women. Agriculture in all its forms is the only solution to reduce zero levels of the persistent malnutrition and hunger in the State” he said.

He also appreciated the military leadership for creating a conducive atmosphere in terms of peace, security, protection of people and properties and above all provision of stability and special protection of borders from external aggression.

YDK Director General,Peter Kuot appreciated the Governor for witnessing the harvest adding that the company is doing its best in trying to eradicate hunger in the country.

YDK Branch manager James Ahou called upon the private sectors to also invest in agriculture in the country in order to create job opportunities for the people.

“I call you people with business mentality to come to Majook Ayuel and invest in Agriculture. The Land here is virgin and abundant in fertility, nobody has used it. The jobs our people seek from Sudan is farming, harvesting winnowing and this is what we are doing in our State, so people will not go to Sudan if there are a lot of farm related works here” he said.

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