Goldman Sachs : 'Facts' put into place

I have just received my portion of the £9.3 million worth of Government pro-EU propaganda.This is on top of the EU remain leaflet delivered by post and paid for by donors which included Goldman Sachs the American bankers. Goldman Sachs disastrously supported the Greek case to join the Euro.The so called ‘facts’ don’t stand up to much scrutiny. Let me demolish a few: The Government claim that we have a stronger economy in the EU. We actually have a £60 billion trade deficit with the EU, they sell us more than we sell them. This is a powerful incentive for them to give us a free trade deal and access the single market. China, Russia, USA, Japan, India and Brazil all sell billions of euros worth of goods into the EU without access to the single market. World Trade Organisation rules ensures this is the case. They do not subscribe to open borders or pay the EU a fee of £55 million a day as the UK does.They claim we control our border. Can anyone accept that this is true? All 500 million EU citizens have the right to come to the UK if they so wish.When we vote to leave the EU we can decide what type of people our economy needs. As a sovereign nation that will be our right. The fast tracking of Turkey and the deal with the Ukraine will add 125 million to the EU pot. So EU borders up to Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia, hardly safe is it? Remain say we have more influence in than out. Can they explain why Iceland, population 350,000, have a seat at the WTO and makes its own trade deals? Or perhaps they can explain why we have been outvoted 36 times since 2010 when we have opposed EU measures.The Lisbon Treaty which Gordon Brown signed will ensure we are outvoted in many more aspects of our lives. The document is silent on sovereignty and the fact that EU law is over UK law. Cameron promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, he promised an act of Parliament to secure sovereignty, more broken promises.John Stretton Albrighton© Copyright © 2016 Shropshire Star, All rights reserved., source Newspapers

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