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General al-Burhan to attend UN General Assembly meetings

Sudan’s Sovereign Council Chairman Abdel Fattah al-Burhan will l travel to New York to participate in the United Nations General Assembly meetings, Sudanese diplomats and officials confirmed on Saturday.

The 77th session of the UN General Assembly will officially open on September 13. The major events of the summit include transforming education, minorities rights, and sustainable development goals.

Heads of State and Government from around the world are expected to attend the annual gathering between 12 and 27 September, after two years of disruption wrought by COVID-19.

“Al-Burhan will participate in the meetings of the 77th session, at the invitation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations,” a senior official told the Sudan Tribune on Saturday.

The official who request anonymity minimized the participation of the coup leader in the international forum saying it was normal and stressed he even can take part in the General Assembly meeting without invitation since Sudan was a member of the international organization.

He added that al-Burhan’s delegation includes the acting foreign minister and officials from the Ministry of Education as the education i the major event of the 77th session.

Two months ago, al-Burhan admitted their failure to form an inclusive government and called on the political parties and the armed groups, signatories of the Juba peace agreement to form a civilian cabinet.

The military-led government faces international isolation and the international financial institutions paused their support for Sudan’s economic reforms.

The UN Security Council is scheduled to discuss the situation in Sudan on September 13. UNITAMS head Volker Perthes is expected to brief the 15-member body about the political efforts to end the nearly one-year coup.

In his report to the Council, UN Secretary-General praised the commitment of the military component to withdraw from politics.

“I commend these stated commitments and urge the authorities to translate them into reality,” said António Guterres in his report of September 2.

Despite al-Burhan’s pledge, the security forces continue to use excessive violence against anti-coup protesters and arrest activists.

The coup leader made contradictory statements about the security reforms and the military-economic activities which caused a rift with the civilian government.

Also, he reinstated the former elements of the former regime in the civil service and cancelled the dissolution of their voluntary groups.

However, the Sudanese Islamist groups still call on the coup leader to reinstate the law and circulars taken by the ousted civilian government.

Source: Sudan Tribune


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