Gazprom Creates New NGV Subsidiary

Gazprom group said August 26 that it had established a new company two days previously in Berlin, called Gazprom NGV Europe.

The new company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gazprom Germania, also Berlin-based, and will continue its former compressed natural gas (CNG) business. Gazprom NGV Europe operates 50 CNG filling stations in Germany and has already constructed a further ten in the Czech Republic and Poland.

This company will fulfil all the regulatory requirements of the German Energy Act, which stipulates the separation of trade and transport.

Uwe Johann from Gazprom Marketing and Trading has been appointed as managing director of the new company.

Graphic credit: NGV Europe

Trade association NGV Europe said in its latest annual report there are 1.3mn natural gas vehicles (NGVs) across Europe and more than 3,600 NGV refuelling points, of which about 100 for are refuelling vehicles that run on LNG. EU policy is to promote NGVs and many firms including France’s Engie, Spain’s Gas Natural Fenosa and several German utilities, as well as Gazprom, are expanding their refuelling networks.

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