GAM declares state of emergency to deal with expected weather

In response to an air depression centered northeast of Cyprus, coupled with a cold air mass, the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has declared a moderate state of emergency, effective Sunday morning. GAM personnel are on hand and prepared to handle any reports that the Tela' Al-Ali emergency room receives, according to GAM spokesperson Naser Rahamneh. Rahamneh urged the public to contact the unified call center numbers (102 and 117180) if any observations are noticed. GAM advised residents to avoid valley streams and low-lying areas, not to connect house gutters to sewage outlets to avoid overflowing into roads, and not to throw waste at random because it could cause rainwater drainage lines to close. GAM also emphasized the importance of checking submersible pumps in stores and floors below street level and urged retailers to exercise caution when stocking merchandise in warehouses and settlement floors. Furthermore, GAM urged contractors and owners of construction projects to take the initiative to se cure building materials in order to avoid erosion and the closure of rainwater drainage lines. Source: Jordan News Agency