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Furniture industry unites to address challenges, enhance sector

Furniture traders and manufacturers convened to explore strategies for advancing and supporting the sector while emphasizing the significance of unifying under the Syndicate of Furniture Manufacturers and Traders with the aim of effectively communicating industry challenges to policymakers. In a statement on Wednesday, Head of the Syndicate Ahmed Al-Junaidi highlighted the sector’s pivotal role in propelling the national economy. He stressed the need for support to enhance local industry, boost production, and mitigate unemployment rates. During the discussions, participants deliberated on various issues, including tightening control measures, regulating individual imports, leveraging the syndicate’s media and promotional capabilities, organizing domestic and international exhibitions, as well as addressing concerns related to added taxes, energy prices, production costs, and the scarcity of skilled labor. The importance of encouraging local manufacturers to engage in exports was strongly emphasized. This approach was viewed as a catalyst for economic stimulation and the promotion of domestic products through commercial attaches at Jordanian embassies. Additionally, they called for hosting international exhibitions in the kingdom to lure in global merchants. Strategies to curb selling at cost price, activate competition laws, and file complaints were also explored. Such sales practices were recognized as detrimental to other traders. The discussions also focused on achieving fairness between local products and imported goods, particularly in terms of fees, in a way that encourages local industries, protects consumers, and supports merchants, thus promoting a balanced playing field.

Source: Jordan News Agency


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