Four killed, six wounded in Western Lakes revenge killings

At least four people were killed and six others wounded in revenge clashes between armed youth from Gony and Thuyic sections in Western Lakes State on Wednesday.

The incident, between the two rival communities of Western Bahr Naam County, occurred in Alou cattle camp at about 2:00 pm.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Thursday, Western Lakes State information minister, Majak Isaac Ror confirmed the incident.

This revenge killing incident occurred yesterday [Wednesday] when some armed youth from Gony section began to attack Thuyic section, killing three people from Thuyic on the spot and one wounded person from the Gony section who died later, while six others were wounded from both sides, he said.

Majak further pointed out that security forces have been deployed in the area.

The government of Western Lakes State dispatched organized forces to both cattle camps and more reinforcement is also coming from Eastern Bahr Naam and Western Bahr Naam counties, he said.

He added, Also the cattle camp of Thuyic section, which was at the scene of incident in Alou cattle camp has been ordered to evacuate to Rumbek Centre territory of Manyiel cattle camp, while the Gony section has remained in Aguoc cattle camp in order to separate them.

Majak said the state government is planning to hold a general peace and reconciliation dialogue for feuding communities.

He did not, however, disclose when the dialogue would take place.

According to reports, the routine of revenge attacks in Western Lakes prevails because of a lack of an efficient justice system.

Source: Radio Tamazuj

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