Fossils and oil barons – a tragedy in Africa!

Since the beginning of industrial revolution. Africa has been at the receiving end of the effects of bad energy culture and use. The introduction of automobile industries, production industries and the use of oil as a major energy resource that moved and moves the world has fueled a number of irreparable threats to developing countries. The use and abuse of fossil fuels has become a political, economic, social and religious issue in Africa.

Developing communities has seen the dispensation of poisonous gases from industrial productions - carbon dioxide, monoxides, sulphur oxides and harmful wastes that pollute the air and water as well as the land .

Africa today is gripped by unpredictable and dangerous climatic conditions - floods, cyclones and heat waves due to global warming as a result of the emission of these gases into the environment and the universe. Theses wastes also result into acid precipitations that destroys vegetation and other natural habitats, hence disturbing ecotourism economy and the biodiversity.

These gases have caused massive health complications, water borne and airborne ailments . Africa has lost a lot of money in trying to eradicate these endemics and pandemics caused as a result of using fossils in industrial civilizations. Most lives have been lost through cancers, influenza, tuberculosis's and skin diseases like eczema. The health of the people is under threat, the beauty environment is irreparable and our climate in Africa has become dangerous and unpredictable- Africa is losing it. Its time to break free from fossils to clean and cheap energy mostly solar energy and biogas which are industrial , environmental and domestic friendly.

In Africa several barons have enriched themselves through fossils. Many have acquired coal mines around the world to cash in with thermal power and oil barons have since looted all and use their muscles to scuttle political peace in developing nations. Most of them have sponsored terrorism, banditry , xenophobia and panning of minerals like diamond and gold. Lives have been lost in the way and the economies massively destroyed in countries like Nigeria, Sudan and Angola which are African oil giants . These countries has since become warzones, disease infested and death ridden .Big monies are used to pay young people into banditry and terrorism projects that disturbs world peace and give the barons the chance to continue looting and sidestep regional and international regulations of acquiring wealth and money.

May Africa break free from fossils and embrace clean energy.

Fossils oil barons


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Source: Mbizo Chirasha

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