Former Sudanese president charged over killing of protesters

(KHARTOUM) - Ousted President Omer al-Bashir was charged on Monday "with inciting and participating" in the killing of protesters during the four-month demonstrations that lead to the collapse of his regime.

The charges by the prosecutor general against Bashir came during an investigation into the death of a young doctor who was killed during a protest in Khartoum's neighbourhood of Buri.

"The prosecutor general has recommended speeding up the investigation into the killing of demonstrators," said the prosecutor's office in a statement released on Monday.

The doctor was killed on 17 January by the security forces which at the time had been instructed to open fire and use excessive violence to disperse protests.

This is the second time, the former president is invested into criminal charges. Earlier this month he was accused of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

On 11 May, Al-Jareedah a local newspaper reported that al-Bashir acknowledged the charges of money laundering brought against him.

The newspaper said al-Bashir disclosed the names of other people involved in the criminal activities.

Al-Bashir is also wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The military said they will not deliver him to The Hague based court pointing the matter should be decided by an elected government.

However, opposition officials who are expected to rule Sudan during the transitional period say normalization with the international community requires his handover.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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