Former Lost Boy Pushes Back Against Vulgarity Used By Trump

Leaders around the world are reacting with shock to an expletive U.S. President Donald Trump apparently used to describe Haiti and African countries in a meeting with U.S. lawmakers Thursday on immigration.

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the second-highest-ranking Democrat in the Senate, was in the Oval Office meeting Thursday and confirmed on Friday that Trump called them "s---hole countries."

Trump, who denied using the vulgar term toward Haitians in a tweet on Friday, reportedly said in the meeting that the United States should let in more people from places such as Norway, whose prime minister met with him at the White House on Wednesday.

While condemning Trump's comment, one South Sudanese immigrant said the majority of Africans who come to the U.S. are hardworking and are looking to make a better life for themselves.

David Dau, a congressional legislative fellow and a former Lost Boy of South Sudan, was shocked when reports surfaced of the foul word Trump reportedly used. Dau, who spends time working on South Sudan issues, said many Africans contribute to American society in a very positive way.

"The majority of the Africans who come here are already here on the merit-based immigration," Dau told South Sudan in Focus. "So if you look at a lot of Africans, whether they are Ethiopian, South African or Nigerian, many of them are doctors, they are nurses, they are dentists or what have you."

Source: Voice of America

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