Former Aweil education minister dies

Angelo Atak Akol, 69, the former minister of education in the government of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State died on Wednesday night, the education ministry said in a statement earlier today.
The deceased, an eminent educationist in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, attended a wedding party at South Sudan Hotel in Aweil on Wednesday night before heading home and developing health complications that later claimed his life.
It is reported that on reaching home, Angelo Atak developed chest pain and rushed to a private clinic and later to Aweil Civil Hospital where he died before being attended to.
“Yes, that is true he was at the wedding party last night and went to his home around 11 pm. He went into shock and people tried to take him to the hospital and the doctors were not found there. He died shortly after arriving at the hospital,” said Caesar Atem Biago, the director-general in the ministry of education and instruction in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State.
Aweil Civil Hospital declined to comment on the death and said they did not have enough information because the deceased passed away on his arrival at the hospital.
The Aweil Civil Hospital director, Dr. Wol Wol Akeen, said, “No, no, we don’t have any information to give, this person passed on and it is not known up to now what killed him because he was just brought and he died immediately. We don’t have any information about him and the cause of his death. If you want to ask, go and ask his family members, but for me, I am not allowed to give information.’’
Family members said the late had been complaining of chest pain in the night and that he rushed to a nearby private clinic but did not find any medics at the facility. He then decided to go to Aweil Civil Hospital where he found no doctors as well.
“What happened is this; the former minister of education, Atak Akol, was okay at a wedding party until midnight at South Sudan Hotel. After midnight all the people went to their homes, he also went to his home. After he arrived at his home, dinner was prepared for him, and after he ate he told his wife that he had chest pain and his wife asked him: did you use your hypertension medicines? He answered: yes, I used them in the morning,’’ Lual Lual Manger, a family member, narrated.
“And from there he took his stick, rode a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) and went to Dr. Dut’s clinic but there were no people and he went to the main hospital and while he was there the pain increased and there was no doctor at the main hospital to give him help,’’ Lual added.
Aweil Civic Engagement Center said they are saddened by the death and acknowledged the positive contribution he made in the field of education in the state.
Mayuol Diing Mayuol, the Chairperson of Aweil Civic Engagement Center said, “This is very unfortunate. I was called this morning by one of my colleagues in the town centre and he told me about the death of our late father, Angelo Atak Akol. The late has contributed a lot in the development of this country, he contributed in the education sector at the time he was minister of education in Aweil State.”
The body is expected to be buried in Aweil South County from where the late minister hailed.

Source: Radio Tamazuj