KHARTOUM, April 21 NNN-SUNA) -- The foreign ministers of Sudan and Egypt have stressed the importance of communication between them to remove anything standing in the way of their strategic relationship.

Sudan's Professor Ibrahim Ghandour and Sameh Shukri of Egypt told a media conference following discussions between the countries' Political Consultation Committee here Thursday that the two neighbouring countries faced a similar challenge and were working together to reach their goal.

The two sides announced that they agreed to hold regular meetings to discuss strategic issues, especially those relating to defence and security.

The two countries agreed that any discussion relating to the Halayeb Triangle, a disputed area, be left to the leaderships of the two countries. They also reached agreement that matters related to the export of Egyptian products to Sudan be decided by the concerned technical bodies and that a meeting of the Press Councils of the two countries be held to work out a media code of ethics to ban insults directed at the leaderships and the people of the other country.

Prof. Ghandour said Sudan and Egypt shared identical viewpoints on developments in Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Somalia and South Sudan, pointing out that dialogue was the sole means for solving these issues.

He re-affirmed the mutual support in regional and international organizations, the United Nations, the Human Rights Council and all the international issues of common interest, adding that every country is free in its foreign relations.

Ghandour indicated that he reviewed with his Egyptian counterpart over the course of three meetings the developments of bilateral relations after holding a meeting of the Higher Committee in Cairo led by the Presidents of the two countries with the discussion covering among other matters the opening of border crossings, movements of citizen and goods, noting that President Al-Basher and president Al-Sessi met 19 times during the last period, describing the meetings as frank and transparent.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Foreign Minister denied his country was plotting against Sudan or interference in Sudan's internal affairs, reiterating Egypt's absolute confidence in President Al-Basher.

The Egyptian diplomat categorically denied that the Egyptian permanent representative to the UN delivered a press statement against Sudan.

On the Egyptian position towards supporting the State of South Sudan, the Egyptian Foreign Minister said his country supports the positive trend for solving the problems of South Sudan through avoiding the tribal conflict and strengthening of the institutions, adding that supporting state's institutions, in South Sudan is not directed against anybody. -- NNN-SUNA

Source: NAM News Network

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