First Vice – President Chairs Meeting on Agricultural Season

Khartoum, Dec. 25 (SUNA) – The First Vice – President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, Sunday chaired a special meeting for discussing the preparations for the winter agricultural season and the arrangements for the harvest of the summer agricultural season, in presence of the Ministers of Finance and agriculture, the Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan and the Director of the Agricultural Bank.
In a press statement, the Minister of Agriculture, Prof. Ibrahim Al-Dekhairi, said that the initial estimations refer to the cultivation of 45 million acres in the summer agricultural season and two million acres in the winter agricultural season.
He said that the production estimations refer to the production of 10 million tons of sorghum and 2.5 million tons of groundnut.
The minister indicated that the wheat-cultivated area in the winter season amounts to 600,000 acres, expecting the wheat-grown area to be increased in the Northern and Nahral-Neil States.
He pointed to measures pertinent to the increase in productivity such as opening the door for sorghum exportation, establishing a strategic reserve and expanding the edible oil budget.
He also referred to measure for providing and distributing harvest machinery at all the cultivation areas.

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