FFC North Darfur presents demands to PM Hamdok

Representatives of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) in six localities in North Darfur presented their demands to Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok during his visit on Monday.

The FFC representatives come from Kutum, Umkedada, Kabkabiya, El Malha, El Sireif and Saraf Omra localities.

Yahya El Khamis, a leading member of the FFC in Kutum, told Radio Dabanga that one of the most prominent demands made to the prime minister is the need to expel executives and administrative officers affiliated with the former regime. The FFC representatives want figures of the former regime to be prosecuted. They also seek the exclusion of native administrations from politics.

Flour and fuel

The FCC representatives demand the people be informed about the quotas of flour for North Darfur, including the share for each locality. They also call for fair distribution of fuel, taking into account that agricultural localities require fuel for farming machinery and irrigation.

The representatives also highlighted the need to review the activities of mining companies in the state, especially those that use toxic substances.


The Sudanese government described Hamdok's visit to North Darfur as a success.

Information Minister Feisal Mohamed Saleh told reporters after the cabinet meeting that the prime minister is the first senior government official to visit camps for displaced people.

He said the officials who accompanied the prime minister listened to the concerns and issues of the displaced. Their demands are being studied, he asserted.

He pointed out that most of the demands concerned peace and security. This includes the removal of the settlers who now live in the villages that the displaced persons originate from, disarmament of militiamen, and the need to hand over those accused of crimes to the International Criminal Court.

African Union

Minister Saleh called on the African Union (AU) to mobilise support from the international community for the reconstruction of Sudan, especially the war-affected areas.

Ambassador Mohamed Belaish, director of the African Union office in Khartoum, stressed the importance of coordinating efforts to enhance the cooperation between Sudan and the AU. During a meeting with Foreign Minister Asmaa Abdallah, he expressed African Union's serious desire to contribute to the success of the transitional period and support for the ongoing peace negotiations.

The Foreign Minister affirmed Sudan's confidence in the African Union.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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