Families in Torit town appeal for help after heavy rains

Hundreds of families in Torit town of Eastern Equatoria State are calling for humanitarian assistance after recent rains destroyed their houses, properties, and farmlands.
The families mostly from Morwari, Ilangi, Mission, Hai Korton, and Hai Addisababa areas in Torit town say they need food and non-food items for sustenance in the flood crisis. They also call upon the state government to open waterways that will reduce the effects of flooding.
Radio Tamazuj spoke to some residents.
“Our houses have all fallen, we are now staying in water with our children. Yesterday’s (Tuesday) heavy rains washed all our properties. I urge the government to help us with saucepans and plastic sheets because they are all washed,” said Mary Edward, a resident of Ilangi residential area.
“Since the rains started everything is destroyed. Yesterday our house fell as you can see, we are just walking in water. For us, the water comes from the road. We need the roads to be repaired so that water can pass. The government should dig water channels because the rains ahs even destroyed our farms,” Agnes Ille Peter, a resident of the Morwari B area appealed.
“The effects of the rains for us here is too much because it has created flooding. Some communities in the Mission area have moved to places where they can be safe with their children. Properties are destroyed and the roads need water channels. If some NGOs can rescue people it will be good because people are suffering,” Wani James, a resident of Mission residential area said.
Morwari B residential area chief Michael Obusuk confirmed that more than 600 households had been affected in his area and stressed that women and children are the most affected.
“The situation of women and children is really bad. Children are also suffering from hunger because the houses are full of water and there is no place to cook. Children are also likely to be affected by diseases like pneumonia and malaria. As we talk now, many children are at the hospital for treatment,” he said.
Chief Obusuk calls on the government to provide necessities like tents, food to the affected population.
For his part, the state Relief and Rehabilitation Commission coordinator John Odongi confirmed widespread floods in most residential areas in Torit town.
He says a team has been dispatched to assess the damages and needs of the people following the floods.
“There is need to make a quick rapid assessment to find out the situation on the ground and we are sending the team today (Wednesday) on the ground to make a rapid needs assessment and the humanitarian needs will follow the assessment after identifying the needs of the community,” he said.
He added, “We will try our level best to talk to our partners in Juba. We have some very little stock in our stores but we shall also lobby from our partners in Juba. The support will go to the most affected families.”
Heavy rains and floods continue to devastate the lives of thousands of people in the country.

Source: Radio Tamazuj