Exporters of fruits and vegetables in Uzbekistan will gather at the International Fair in Tashkent

12-14 of July 2016 at the National Exhibition Complex Uzexpocentre in Tashkent will be held 1st International Fruit and Vegetable Fair.

The fair will be attended by representatives of foreign processing and trading companies, international trade organizations, Chamber of Commerce, ministries and departments of agriculture sector, logistic companies from around 40 foreign countries as well as domestic producers and processors of fruit and vegetable productions. At the fair will be attend more than 150 representatives of local organizations, agencies, logistics companies, and others. In particular, about 100 exporters of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products.

The organizers of the fair are the Uzbekozikovkatholding HC, Uzagroexport JSC and Directorate of International fruit and vegetable fair LLC together with Uzbekvinosanoat-holding HC and the Association Uzbekozikovkatzahira.

The main purpose of the organization and holding of the fair is to raise awareness among foreign refining and trading companies of the enormous, unique for their consumer properties the potential produced in Uzbekistan ecologically fresh vegetables, fruits, grapes and melons, also completed good quality product of their industrial processing.

Uzbekistan has the highest agricultural resource potential and produces more than 17.0 mln tons of fruits and vegetables per year. Of these, more than 4.0 mln tons are being exported. The volume of fruit and vegetable products manufactured in the country, allow to provide not only the needs of the population of the republic, but also to deliver high quality products to foreign markets.

Since independence, the fruits and vegetables of the republic were supplied to more than 100 countries worldwide. In 2015 Uzbekistan produced 12,592,000 tons of vegetables and potatoes, 2.731 mln tons of fruit, 1.850 mln tons of melon products, 1.556 mln tons of grapes. Earlier the republic traditionally supplied fruits and vegetables mostly to Russia and Kazakhstan, in recent years, the demand for domestic products has grown significantly both in the markets of Europe and Asia. The geography of export deliveries has been expanded to Norway, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Cyprus, Macedonia, USA, and others.

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