Expert warns EU may sue Ukraine for ban on timber exports

Photo from from“Ukraine is a member of the WTO [World Trade Organization], and any export restrictions are unacceptable within its framework. A country that does not comply with such requirements will face the situation when there will be a hearing on its unlawful export restraint in Geneva. The same applies to export duty if we had introduced it on exports of round timber. It’s not allowed for a WTO member to limit exports,” Ustenko said.According to him, a free trade barrier in the modern world is seen as an archaic thing revealing bad economic policy.Ukraine should regulate timber exports under WTO, EU rules“Today, any European manufacturer can apply on behalf of its association, for example, that of manufacturers of furniture, to the European Commission to challenge the illegal limitations by Ukraine on exports and it will win. And we will have painful image-related losses then. In fact, the Europeans have forgiven us for such behavior during this year of moratorium,” Ustenko said.

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