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( – The diamond business saw the writing on the wall: Retails sales of diamond jewelry are on the decline as young people delay marriage, work to save money and take a somewhat skeptical view of the premium jewelry industry. For that reason, trade organization the Diamond Producers Association chose ad agency Mother New York last year to effectively reintroduce its products to a generation still shaken by the Great Recession. The shop’s first campaign for its newest client debuted last week, and it positions real diamonds as the truest symbols of a deep emotional commitment between two young people … even if that bond isn’t made official in the eyes of the law. The development of the new brand campaign “Real Is Rare” is the result of more than six months of field research and development by Mother and research firm The Sound Market Research, which interviewed young people across the United States. The resulting ads serve as intimate, impressionistic portraits of two relationships at pivotal moments. In keeping with the campaign’s premise, both of these romances follow non-traditional trajectories.

07 october 2016

( – The purpose of this discussion is to explain why I feel that the Swiss watch industry today needs to take a very hard and long look at their marketing practices, says Ariel Adams in a dedicated article. It might surprise you that I am advocating for them to market more – but to do so in a more intelligent and organized manner. This comes at a time when the high-end watch industry is doing very poorly. No, they aren’t hurting simply because of competition from smartwatches – but the advent of emerging technology certainly doesn’t help them. The luxury watch industry (mostly Swiss brands) is hurting due to stubborn reliance on archaic business practices in the form of sorely outdated distribution and pricing models. On top of that, the industry massively overproduces inventory – and the volume of unsold watches both in the market and being hoarded by brands is appallingly high. Some analysts contend that actually up to 50% of some watch brands’ claimed value is in the form of unsold inventory assets.

06 october 2016

( – I’m a third generation diamond trader, working in the industry since 1978 and selling laboratory grown diamonds since 2009 with full disclosure. The mixing of small laboratory grown diamonds into natural melee parcels is a reality and it looks to me to be an issue that is very difficult to tackle. I think the solution to avoiding diamond mixing might be actually a very simple one.

05 october 2016

( – Fewer Chinese people are getting married, a shift with profound implications for China’s economic and social life. The decline in marriages means a decline in the number of babies, and potentially less spending on homes, appliances and other family-related purchases — the kind of spending China needs to drive economic growth.

04 october 2016

( – Safety has become a front and center issue for Chinese tourists this year, putting traveling to hot spots in Europe and other parts of the world on hold for some. Terrorist attacks have caused major waves of tour cancellations, but a series of recent incidents have compounded problems even further. With interest in Paris already dwindling, Chinese locals there protested in the streets in mid-September after a Chinese tailor died of injuries from being mugged. This followed a scare in August, when a group of 27 Chinese tourists on an airport bus were tear gassed by thieves. France 24, a local news outlet, reported that “violent robberies” of Chinese have tripled in the last year, adding that they “are seen as lucrative prey as they are thought to habitually carry large sums of cash.”

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