Ex-SPLM official distances herself from 16 May protest movement in South Sudan

(JUBA) - Suzanne Jambo, former SPLM secretary for external relations distanced herself from a group of activists calling to launch protests for the removal of President Salva Kiir on 16 May.

The development intervened when Jambo who is a member of the Movement has already diverged with the others about whether to target only Kiir alone or all the corrupt leaders from the ruling party and the opposition alike.

"Kiir Must Go! Represents and symbolizes all bad killer and corrupt leaders in all divides who should one day be held accountable for their wrongs," she wrote in a statement released on Saturday evening.

"However my colleagues in Red Card Movement are insistent that we only mention Kiir Must Go alone: as a woman leader I do not agree that one individual Kiir must go," she added.

"Unless the Red Card Movement accepts all these, I cannot be part of the Red Card Movement!".

According to the former SPLM official, all bad corrupt killer leaders must go, in government other political groups.

"From today 11th May, I cease to be part of the Red Card Movement due to our inability to agree on what the real objectives are as above stated".

The call for regime change through peaceful protests found positive echoes and acceptance among the South Sudanese youth inside the country and in the Diaspora after the removal of Sudan's former president Omer al-Bashir last April.

However, growing voices- in Juba- call on the youth to not try to destabilize the fragile stability in the country after five years of civil war.

The government on the side deployed more troops in the capital to dissuade youth from taking to the street.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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