EUROCITIES 2016 to be held in Milan

Milan © harmish khambhaita

Milan © harmish khambhaita


Milan, Italy, will host this year’s EUROCITIES conference between 16-18 November, taking ‘sharing cities’ as its theme.

The event is set to be a fortuitous opportunity for cities to share experiences, innovations and practices as well as the shared challenges and impacts cities face regarding goods and services.

Milan is well-placed as one of Europe’s major cities to adopt a leading role when it comes to matters of the sharing economy, of which the city council adopted its own definition in a resolution exchanging ownership for shared use in December 2014. The resulting document, ‘Milano: sharing city’, offers advice and experience in this innovative understanding of urban space and is the product of a collaboration involving more than 200 citizens, trade associations and businesses.

Through this process, as well as subsequent and subsidiary activities, the city has become the first in Italy to formally recognise the new economic concept and the first to develop policies endorsed by its citizens around the principles of the shared economy.

Milan has much experience to share in the fields of mobility, creativity, the use and reuse of spaces, information, and open and transparent governance. The city, which also hosted last year’s World Expo, launched the ‘Sharexpo’ initiative, which aimed to incentivise potential stakeholders in the sharing economy through the removal of legislative and bureaucratic barriers that prevent collaborative services. A series of workshops and conferences will be hosted in Milan this month as part of its ‘collaborative week’ initiative, designed to stimulate debate and include citizens available services in the city.

EUROCITIES, founded in 1986, is a network of elected local and municipal governments in major European cities. The organisation unites local governments of more than 130 cities across 35 nations.

Milan is one of EUROCITIES’ six founding cities alongside Barcelona, Spain; Birmingham, UK; Frankfurt, Germany; Lyon, France and Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Read EUROCITIES’ statement on Horizon 2020, here.

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