ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn Monday met the Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Emad al-Din M. Adawi, who is here to personally deliver a letter from President Omar Hassan al-Bashir to the Prime Minister.

The two officials discussed bilateral relations and issues related to countries in the region.

Gen Adawi said Ethiopia is a strategic partner of Sudan and that the countries will further strengthen their co-operation. He stressed that a challenge one nation faced would equally harm the other and therefore the efforts to collaborate in containing problems will continue.

According to the head of the Media and Public Relations Delivery Unit at the Office of the Prime Minister, Zadig Abraha, co-operation between the two countries has been growing since the launching of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project in northern Ethiopia.

He added that Monday's discussions focused on how to further improve bilateral relations. Hailemariam expressed his commitment to strengthen relations between the two countries.

The Prime Minister and President al-Bashir had signed agreements for the two countries' economic and political integration as well as on working jointly for common peace during the latter's visit to Ethiopia last March

Source: NAM News Network

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