The leaders of Ethiopia and Sudan have affirmed their commitment to work together to transform the existing all-round relations between their countries to a higher level.

This came as Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn Thursday ended a three-day visit to Sudan where he and his high-level delegation held consultations with the Sudanese side.

Among the Ethiopian officials, Minister of the Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) Negeri Lencho held discussions with his Sudanese counterpart, Dr. Ahmed Bilal, on media cooperation between Sudan and Ethiopia, while the

State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hirut Zemene, held talks with Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandou on ways to strengthen ties.

At a joint media conference here Thursday, the leaders of the two countries affirmed their commitment to collaborate in transforming the relationship between the two neighbouring countries and in ensuring the prevalence of peace and stability in the Horn of Africa sub-region.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said both countries were working to benefit citizens and make trade and investment efficient through the economic integration they hoped to create. He said the two countries held similar positions on resolving the problem of peace and stability in the sub-region and among the Gulf countries.

"Hence we will exert joint efforts to peacefully solve the instability in Somalia and South Sudan as well the Gulf countries," the Premier added.

Hailemariam also said the the security forces of the two countries were working together to maintain peace not only in their countries but also in the region.

Sudanese President Omar al-Basher said the visit of the high-level Ethiopian delegation would boost relations between the two countries and strengthen their economic integration.

The leaders had conferred on creating favourable conditions to enables the countries to collaborate and work closely in trade, investment, national defence and security as well as information and cultural exchange, he revealed.

President al-Basher added that both countries would play a leading role in creating mutual understanding and common agreement about the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project among all Nile riparian countries.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia is keen to learn from the best practices of Sudan in the development and effective use of livestock resources. The delegation led by Hailemariam visited a veterinary medicine manufacturing company and a diary farm during their visit to the country.

GCAO Minister Negeri said the lesson that learnt from the visit would have an important bearing on efforts to benefit from Ethiopia's own livestock resources. Despite having the largest number of livestock in Africa, Ethiopia has not properly utilized these resources, he noted.

As one of its economic objectives, the government of Ethiopia is pursuing a policy of maximizing revenues from meat and live animal exports.

In addition to learning from Sudanese best practices, Ethiopia is interested to attract Sudanese companies to invest in the sector. To this end, Ethiopia is working to ensure efficient service provision and address challenges raised by investors regarding logistics, Negeri said.

Source: NAM News Network

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