Eastern Equatoria swears in 49 SPLM Liberation Council members

A total of 49 members of SPLM Liberation Council on Friday last week were sworn-in in South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State.
The occasion took place at the SPLM secretariat in the capital, Torit.
On September 5, Eastern Equatoria Governor Louis Lobong issued an order appointing 49 members of SPLM Liberation Council in line with nominees submitted by the party’s Secretary Generals in the defunct Torit and Kapoeta states.
Eastern Equatoria thus becomes the first state to restructure the ruling party since the country returned to the 10 states in February this year.
The SPLM Liberation Council members, who comprise of six members nominated from the eight counties in the state plus one additional member, are tasked with implementing policies of the party.
Khadija Clement Pong, a member of SPLM Liberation Council representing the Greater Lopa/Lafon County, said she would work to ensure citizens on the ground feel the peace in the state.
“What we are going to do to the party is to work on the ground so that we strengthen it and be able to tell communities in South Sudan, particularly in Eastern Equatoria that the SPLM is the one that brought services, such as health to citizens. We got our freedom because of the SPLM and that’s why we should work with clear strategies for the citizens to feel the freedom and peace,” she explained.
Khadija said there have been several political breakups within the SPLM, making it difficult for the ruling party to achieve its goals and objectives.
She, however, said the SPLM remains strong and would strive to ensure that services are provided to all the people of South Sudan.
Governor Louis Lobong, who is also the SPLM chairperson in the state, urged the SPLM Liberation Council members to renew their patriotism and continue providing the most needed services to the population.
“Comrades, let us take this opportunity to renew our patriotism and our commitment to the SPLM so that collectively or individually, we continue to provide service to our people, country, state and community. We must also engage in productive business activities. Let us not rely on political positions, but on agriculture,” said Lobong.
The governor said the SPLM has not completed its liberation struggle.
He said the ruling party will be satisfied if every citizen gets access health, education, good roads and security, among others.
“We have not finished liberating our people. Until we make sure that every South Sudanese gets access to education, good roads and security, then we will hand over power to any willing body. I call upon all of you to unite and deliver services to our people,” he concluded.

Source: Radio Tamazuj