DTM IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix: Wau PoC AA Site Flow Monitoring, 1 September – 30 November 2018

IOM's Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) interviewed 1,473 households representing 4,315 individuals (62% women and girls) entering or exiting Wau Protection of Civilians site Adjacent Area (PoC AA site) between 1 September and 30 November 2018. A comparatively sizable proportion of this cohort were new arrivals (11%) and permanent exits (23%) as opposed to same-day travel (18%, no overnight travel) or temporary leave (48%, overnight travel short to long-term over four months). Same-day travelers were especially represented by adult women collecting rewood (92%) in Wau North or family visits (62%) in Wau North and South.

Overnight trips lasting up to over four months (with intention of returning to site) were most common in locations within Wau County (90%). Combining returning and departing temporary travelers, 41 per cent spent time away from the PoC to visit family or friends. Of 473 individuals who had never been at the site before, the vast majority intended to stay more than the day and nearly three-quarters intended to stay more than six months (73%). A third of interviewed individuals intended to permanently leave the site (34%), of which more than half were under 18 years of age (53%) and 55 per cent women and girls. The most common reason to leave was linked to perceived improvements of living conditions at destinations within Wau County. Please note that percentages are rounded up and may not add up to exactly 100.

Source: International Organization for Migration

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