Drunken soldier kills woman in Khartoum street

(KHARTOUM) - A Sudanese female was killed accidentally by a drunken a military soldier in Khartoum, said the military junta on Wednesday.

The Transitional Military Council (TMC) deployed a significant number of soldiers from the different armies including the Rapid Support Forces militiamen in the capital, as they stick to their position to have the upper hand on the Sovereign Council.

In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, the TMC admitted that Mayada John was killed by mistake when Sudanese soldiers quarrelled with some people in El-Nile Street in Khartoum.

The junta further said that a civilian and a soldier were injured by stray bullets from the gun of the drunken soldier.

The TMC said the suspected soldier was arrested and he would face justice.

"The armed forces confirm that this is an individual and isolated incident and will take legal action and the necessary measures to maintain security and protect citizens," stressed the statement.

However, the Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) said in a statement about the incident that the fighting occurred between the military forces and other uncontrolled soldiers.

The SPA further said that Mayada was pregnant and her baby died instantly with her.

The security situation in Khartoum remains tense as the members of the military council increased their verbal attacks on the protesters and their leaders.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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