“Dine for Generation” Initiative Would Significantly Contribute to Nation Building, Tourism Dev’t: State Minister

The launching of “Dine for Generation” projects would significantly contribute to nation building and tourism development, Tourism State Minister Selamawit Dawit told ENA.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has announced this week that 8 tourism sites would be launched soon under the “Dine for Generation” initiative.

The envisioned projects will be built in Afar, Amhara, Benishangul-Gumuz, Oromia, SNNP, Somali, and South West regions.

Out of the 8 projects, 2 are going to be built by the private developers, it was learned.

According to Tourism State Minister Selamawit Dawit, the projects would bring multifaceted social, economic, and political benefits to the country.

However, she noted that the tourism sector has not flourished as expected due to inadequate facilities and infrastructures even if Ethiopia has both the potential and the capacity to develop and benefit from the sector.

The projects to be built in selected sites where the environment is rich either in nature or culture would enable the sector to flourish, Selamawit added.

Jobs, foreign currency, and good image are among the advantages the country would get from the development of the projects.

The state minister stressed that being a country endowed with various types of heritages, culture, history and natural beauty, Ethiopia could significantly boost its tourism potential.

With better facilities and infrastructures, they are also expected to create tourist boom, according to Selamawit.

Noting that Ethiopia has various UNESCO inscribed historical and natural heritages, she underscored that developing new destinations would inspire tourists to visit Ethiopia.

The would-be tourist destinations, together with the restoration of peace in the northern part of the country, will also help Ethiopia to become among the most attractive countries to tourists.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency