Didier Reynders welcomes adoption by Human Rights Council of a resolution on the human rights in Kasai

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders welcomes the adoption by the Human Rights Council, on June 23 2017, of a resolution on the human rights situation in Kasai, and the creation of a mission of inquiry by the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations. In particular, he welcomes the efforts of High Commissioner Zeid and the European Union to advance the cause of human rights through a consensual text. Although it does not include all the more ambitious proposals presented by the EU, the text presented is an undeniable step forward.

The text, justified by the seriousness of the situation, strongly condemns the violence and all the human rights violations committed by all the parties in Kasai. It calls the authorities to exert their responsibility to respect and guarantee human rights. The resolution also provides for the deployment to Kasai by the High Commissioner of a team of independent international experts to determine the facts and circumstances of human rights violations so that their perpetrators, irrespective of their affiliation, be brought to justice. For Belgium, it is essential that this text contributes to the fight against impunity in Kasai in order to break down the cycle of violence. The Human Rights Council will be informed periodically through reports on the implementation of this mandate, which will allow for an appropriate follow-up.

Belgium welcomes the fact that the negotiations have resulted in widespread support for this resolution, including within the region, which reinforces its weight. The DRC#39;s support for this resolution commits the Congolese authorities, who will have to facilitate access to the territory to the commission, and allow it to function according to international standards and therefore in complete independence and impartiality. As a member of the Human Rights Council, Belgium will continue to watch closely the implementation of the demands contained in the resolution and to the humanitarian and human rights situation in Kasai.

Source: Kingdom of Belgium - Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

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