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TODAY your vote could help decide the future of Britain, so, please, make sure you use it.

It would be understandable to be disenchanted with politics after the anger of the past few months. Leaders on both sides of the European membership debate have resorted to the language of the schoolyard. Few if any have distinguished themselves during the EU referendum.

But make no mistake, this is not a vote which should engender apathy. There would be big differences to a future inside the European Union and one outside.

This newspaper is not going to follow suit of some of the regional press and offer its readers an opinion how the vote. The Telegraph has been firmly apolitical throughout its history and will remain so.

On this occasion, we would accept that there are valid arguments on both sides.

The economic argument of those who wish to remain is particularly strong and is backed up by the support of big names such as Rolls-Royce, Toyota and many trade organisations.

They have warned of an uncertainty which the leave campaigners have found difficult to refute.

On the opposite side is the question of democratic mandate. Why should Britain, which considers itself one of the leading democracies, bow to Brussels on matters of law?

This is a question which those in the pro-Europe camp have parried rather than answer adequately.

Both of these issues are potential show-stoppers. Those voting “leave” should believe that their decision would not impact jobs and those who stand by “remain” should examine their conscience over the democracy issue.

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The immigration debate is the most divisive but is not as black and white as politicians or even some members of the public would have us believe. It could be argued that there are too many immigrants in the UK but the point could also be made that they bring economic advantage. Figures could back up both sides on this.

This country has welcomed immigrants for thousands of years. They have been integrated into society and our culture has developed accordingly.

Should we really change direction because it has been falsely shouted to the top of the political agenda?

We ask that those who consider it to be their top priority to think carefully before adding their cross.

It is most unfortunate that we have not had the chance to vote on the individual subjects such as freedom of movement, European laws or even over the British participation in a European parliament.

And the fact that so many politicians have bent the truth over the years has also made it difficult for the public to know who is right and who is wrong.

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We have also been confused by some of our MEPs being like turkeys at Christmas and campaigning for the country to leave the institution in which they work.

The arguments have becoming trite and spiteful.

But today they are put aside and readers should be in no doubt that a Britain in Europe would be very different to one which would go alone.

Now it is over to you. Take your responsibility seriously but most of all take it and choose which way it is to be.

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