Demonstrations for change across Sudan

On Monday, hundreds of demonstrators protested in Port Sudan, demanding the removal of the current governor to be replaced with a civilian state governor. Also in Kosti, Kassala and El Damazin protestors have demanded to appoint civilian state governors. A rally was organised in front of the government secretariat demanding the release of 20 detainees arrested under the imposed month long curfew after the tribal conflict in Port Sudan.

Demonstrators were holding banners and demanding a civilian state governor and speedy dismantling of the deep state.

On Saturday and Sunday, rallies were organised in Atbara, Kosti and Ed Damazin demanding to appoint civilian state governors. The demonstrators also protested against the soaring price of bread and fuel.

The protest continued on Monday in Kosti where the police used tear gas to disperse the protestors, as a result, 11 people were injured.

In Kassala on Monday, teachers organised a sit-in in the ministers ' buildings demanding the appointing of their candidate, Ahmed Fadul as a state general director of education. The teachers denounced the appointment of Muhyildin El Jaali as a general director of education after the resignation of Yassin Gaili. They gave the governor of the state an ultimatum to respond to their demands by February 15. If the governor does not respond to our demands we will organise a strike in all schools in the state.


The residents and displaced persons of Bindisi, Kayomna and Klimbasasna in Central Darfur held demonstrations demanding the dismissal of the locality executive director.

Speaking to radio Dabanga, Salah Gabriel, a member of the Sudanese Professionals Association in Bindisi stated that demonstrators gathered at Freedom Square on Monday, demanding the dismissal of the executive director as a figure of the deposed regime. The demonstrators delivered a memorandum to the security forces in the locality.


On Monday, workers in civil aviation organised a protest in front of Khartoum airport to demanding change in civil aviation.

The protesters demanded a restructuring of the civil aviation, removal of armed forces, and the removal of all companies affiliated with the former regime from the civil aviation. They also demanded reinstatement of those who were arbitrarily dismissed by the deposed regime.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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