Darfur victims submit 14 points to Juba peace talks

Representatives of the victims of the war in Darfur victims have handed over their demands to the negotiating parties and the mediation team on the Sudan peace talks in Juba, capital of South Sudan. On Tuesday, a new round of negotiations between the Sudanese government and the Sudan Revolution Front, the Darfur track and the two areas resumed after both parties agreed to extend the peace talks until April 9.

In an interview with Radio, Dabanga broadcast on Tuesday, El Sadig Mohamed, representative of the delegation of Darfur displaced people, explained that the displaced demanded 14 points. The victims demand individual and collective reparation, persecution of the alleged perpetrators, and transitional justice, as well as a dignified and voluntary return of the displaced people to their homes of origin, and the ‘one region’ administrative system in Darfur (the old system), he said.

Mohamed said that the negotiating parties have already incorporated the victims’ points that they have brought. Their demands were already included, there might be some small differences in terms of numbers or percentages of things such as compensation, but this can easily be sorted out, he said.”

Currently, there are 120 Darfuri stakeholders participating in the ongoing peace talks in the Juba. About 50 representatives of the displaced people, 50 representatives of the native administration and civil society, and 20 women representatives. “We have selected five people to remain in Juba to monitor the rest of the peace negotiations and to ensure that the final peace agreement includes the demands of the stakeholders,” Mohamed said.

Today, direct peace negotiations between the Sudanese government and the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) rebel alliance on the remaining issues of the Darfur track and the Two Areas (South Kordofan and Blue Nile state) are scheduled to resume, after both parties agreed to extend the negotiations until April 9.

El Hadi Idris, head of the SRF, told Radio Dabanga that they are expecting to reach a final peace agreement within the deadline, April 9.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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