Dairy producers to march with cows across Chain Bridge today

 Christian Keszthelyi

 Monday, April 4, 2016, 08:35

Hungarian dairy producers will reportedly march across the Chain Bridge today accompanied by dairy cows to help raise awareness that support for the sector being provided by the Hungarian state and the European Union is insufficient and ineffective, the demonstration committee told state news agency MTI.

Through the demonstration, dairy producers hope to raise the awareness of consumers, to put Hungarian dairy products at the forefront, and highlight the imbalanced ratio of imported over domestic dairy products at Hungarian stores, Hungarian online daily index.hu reported. 

The demonstration is set to start at 9:30 am in District 3 in front of the Hungarian Trade Association (OKSZ) headquarters, with the planned handing over of a petition to OKSZ Chief Secretary György Vámos, index.hu reported. The march will depart from here and en route two additional petitions will be handed over: one to the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) around 11:00 am, to Nébih President Márton Oravecz; and another at Hungary’s National Tax and Customs Authority (NAV) around 12:30 pm, according to reports.

Representatives of dairy producers claim that the price of raw milk continues to drop, and is now HUF 55-72 per kilogram, while the cost price of milk is approximately HUF 95-105, according to reports.

Following a cut on the VAT rate on pork, Hungary was reported on February 15 to be considering a cut on the VAT rate on milk as part of a measure to support the dairy industry.

On March 2, the Hungarian government issued a resolution on measures to support the countryʼs “troubled” dairy industry, and under this resolution, Hungary’s Minister of Agriculture was mandated to establish a broad strategy for the industry.

Hungaryʼs Cabinet Chief János Lázár on March 18 said that the Hungarian government was working on a detailed program to help the country’s dairy industry, given that if the Hungarian government does not help, milk production in the country could come to a halt.

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