Confindustria brings together in Bucharest companies and institutions from the Balkans. A New Internationalization Strategy in the Balkans and Eastern Europe

Wednesday, 19th of October 2016, will take place in Bucharest, the General Assembly of Confindustria Balkans, the federation that includes Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania and Montenegro.

Confindustria Balkans is the federation of the Italian business associations in the Balkans area. It was founded on 13th of October 2010 to make the Italian economy in the Balkans more consistent, integrated and more incisive. The members of Confindustria Balcani are: Confindustria Albania, Confindustria Bosnia and Herzegovina, Confindustria Bulgaria , Confindustria Romania, Confindustria Serbia. The association merges more than 1.000 Italian companies that have decided to operate and develop their economic activities in the Balkans Region. Currently, Confindustria Balcani is engaged in a strengthening process of the association. In the same time, it is working to the enlargement of this area. Confindustria Balcani offers specific and detail services for each national association in order to guarantee the best access to the Balkans Region.

Confindustria Balkans is the federating project of Confindustria Italy, the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy, with more than 150.000 companies, of all sizes, employing a total of 5434352 people.

Confindustria has the headquarter in Rome, 242 local and trade associations and since 1958 also a delegation in Brussels.

The activity of the Association is to ensure the centrality of the enterprise as a driver for economic, social and civil development. These are the reasons why Confindustria represents the companies and their values to the institutions and authorities.

At the forum “A New Internationalization Strategy. Confindustria in the Balkans and Eastern Europe: Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives”, will participate as special guest Vincenzo Boccia, the President of Confindustria.

The Balkan area it’s a strategic region for our companies, especially small and medium ones. This is the reason why I wish that the presidency of Confindustria Balkans, which will be given to Confindustria Romania, first established between our international representatives with the largest number of members, will renew the enthusiasm of Italian entrepreneurs in the region and expand beyond the region to meet the growing number of incoming requests for representation from other countries in Eastern Europe”, stated especially for this event, Vincenzo Boccia, President of Confindustria.

The meeting in Bucharest is particularly important for Italian companies from this geographical area, as can be understood for the first time the true dimension of the opportunities that Confindustria can offer to the companies doing business abroad.

As declared by the President of Confindustria Romania, Mauro Maria Angelini, “the international representatives of Confindustria, from the first constituted Romania, to Albania, which joined the past few months, became a reference point for Italian companies that decided to internationalize their operations, and today, a new strategy will allow this opportunity to be considered a real network. A better communication, more action in synergy, especially the concrete support provided by Confindustria Italy with more than 100 years of associative tradition, will allow this federation project to achieve objectives previously unimaginable.”

Thanks to the operational synergy established with the Italian Embassy in Bucharest, the event will be attended by many representatives of the Romanian and European authorities: Finance Minister, Anca Dragu, Minister of Economy, Trade and Business Environment Relationship, Costin Borc, Secretary of State who will represent the Minister of Foreign Affairs, George Ciamba, Bulgaria’s Economy Minister, Daniela Vezieva, Trade Minister of Bosnia, Zlatan Vujanovic, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Vojin Vlahović, Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship of Albania, Milva Ekonomim, Member of Parliament – Parliamentary Group for the support of Italian investments Evis Kushi and Deputy Ministry of Foregin Affairs – Selim Belortaja.

“The conference “A New Internationalization Strategy. Confindustria in the Balkans and Eastern Europe: Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives”, which will take place within the General Assembly Confindustria Balkans 2016, is a natural extension of the Economic Forum held on June 14th, during the visit in Bucharest of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella. This initiative is particularly important, given its strategic role in the region and the interest of Italian entrepreneurs towards this part of Europe and in particular to Romania. In partnership with the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Embassy in Bucharest and other diplomatic missions in the area were immediately mobilized alongside Confindustria, Confindustria Balkans and Confindustria Romania in order to ensure a wide institutional participation at this important meeting”, stated H.E, the Italian Ambassador in Bucharest, Diego Brasioli.

Here are a few information on Vincenzo Boccia, the President of Confindustria:


Vincenzo Boccia, 52 years, with degree in Economics and Commerce, is the new President of Confindustria for the for the next 4-year term (2016-2020). Boccia is the A.D. of Arti Grafiche Boccia, a company with more than 40 million euros in turnover and 160 employees and offices in France, Germany, Denmark and Lebanon. Throughout his career, Vincenzo Boccia had always a role in the Confindustria, thus his activity in Confindustria is dating from the early ’90s, along with his active involvement in the Young Entrepreneurs Group. In 2000, after becoming President of the group of entrepreneurs under 40 years of Salerno, and regional leader of Young Entrepreneurs in Campania, was appointed by Edoardo Garrone, as Vice President of Young nationwide within Confindustria. In 2003 he was elected regional president for Campania Region, and in 2005 National Vice President. In 2009 he took over as National President of “Piccola Industria” and became also Vice President Confindustria.

In the presentation of his program as the President of Confindustria, Boccia placed emphasis on competitiveness and growth factors.

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