Community leaders at UNMISS protection site in Wau trained in dispute resolution

Newly elected community leaders at the United Nations protection site in the Wau area have completed training in how to protect vulnerable civilians, mitigate conflict and help resolve disputes.

The three-day training, conducted by UNMISS' Relief, Reintegration and Protection (RRP) team, targeted 68 participants, including 40 women leaders.

The workshop addressed a variety of topics ranging from the identification of the root causes of conflict to mediation through dialogue.

The training program is an excellent chance to gain new skills and knowledge that will allow us to serve the displaced communities living in the Protection of Civilians site, said Genti John Musa Ali as she described what it meant to her to be a community leader.

She added that the training would enable community leaders to ensure a safe and peaceful living environment for all those living at the protection site.

Another trainee, Stephen Peter, said the workshop had helped him understand how to use mediation to bring diverse communities together so they can better handle any conflicts that arise in the camp.

This would help with the maintenance of law and order by preventing crime and assisting in the peaceful resolution of disputes.

RRP team leader in Wau, Julie Kiwanuka, urged the new camp leaders to work closely with the community, UN police and humanitarian agencies to maintain peace and enhance the delivery of services in the site.

Source: UN Mission in South Sudan

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