Clashes in Sudan’s White Nile state leave five dead

At least five people were reportedly killed and many others were wounded in violent clashes that erupted between residents and South Sudanese militiamen in the border area of El Mogeines in White Nile state on Sunday.
Sheikh El Reyeh, a relative of one of the victims, attributed the events to a dispute between people living in the area and members of a South Sudanese militia over a water well near El Mogeines in El Salam locality.
“The firefights lasted from Sunday until midday on Monday,” he told Radio Dabanga. “On Sunday, El Jeili Bereir, Sheikh Mousa, and a man called Yousef were killed. Many others were wounded, some of them seriously. They have been transferred to Kosti for treatment.”
Two more people were killed on Monday. The militiamen torched a number of houses and plundered shops at the district market. “The violence caused most of the people to flee the area,” El Reyeh added.
On Monday afternoon, another witness told Radio Dabanga that a cautious calm returned to the area after the intervention of a Sudanese army force that separated the warring parties.
The military forces present in the area did not intervene on Sunday, he said. “They only took action on the second day of the violence. They are now mostly deployed at the district market.”
The source further reported that White Nile state Governor Ismail Warrag arrived in El Mogeines, and held a meeting with the militia leader. “The people however, demanded the authorities to expel these militiamen immediately from the area.”

Source: Radio Dabanga