Chuka Umunna denies 'scaremongering' but insists UK needs single market membership

The chairman of the Vote Leave Watch, a campaign holding Leave politicians to account, said it was Britain’s priority to remain in the single market while “having more control” post-Brexit.

He told Kay Burley on Sky News: “We can get a deal, but the question is on what terms.

“And I think if you look at the terms that you trade under if you trade under World Trade Organisation rules, and that would most likely happen if we don’t reach a deal to trade on more preferential terms after this two-year period which follows Article 50 being triggered.

“Then you’re looking for example for some of the sales of meat 40, 50 per cent tariffs on that,” he added before insisting tariffs on car sales could also increase.

He continued: “We want to get a better deal than that for British business”

Ms Burley then asked the Streatham MP if he was “scaremongering”.

“How do you know that’s going to be the case?” she added. “It might not be at all, because of course, Europe is very keen to sell their cars to us here in the United Kingdom, which is what Mr [Nigel] Farage will not tire of telling you.”

Mr Umunna said fired back and maintained that the UK was better off with single market membership.

“I think ultimately the optimum form of relationship with Europe would be for the UK to continue as a member of the single market,” he said.

He said it would be “possible” to get access while having more control and reform to immigration if “we flex in the right way” during Brexit negotiations.

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