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CGTN:Poems and New Year blessings preheat for CGTN’s multilingual integrated product

BEIJING, Dec. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In 2022, CGTN’s “Read a Poem” campaign launched several special events for the Qixi Festival in August, the Mid-Autumn Festival and International Day of Peace in September, and the upcoming new year.

Thirteen ambassadors and representatives from Guinea-Bissau, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Mexico, Uruguay, Algeria, Jordan, Ecuador, Malawi, Guinea, Egypt, United Nations Women, Russian Cultural Centre in Beijing and The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) accepted CGTN’s invitation to read poems and send blessings for the upcoming new year.

Smriti Aryal, representative of UN Women in China, read “What I will,” written by Suheir Hammad, to share her stand, strength, courage, and resilience. “I will not forget where I come from. I will craft my own drum. Gather my beloved near, and our chanting will be dancing, our humming will be drumming,” she read.

António Serifo Embaló, ambassador of Guinea-Bissau to China, read “Sea, sea and sea” written by Eugénio de Andrade. “Sometimes the sea is a white figure glistening among the rocks. The sea becomes small and mine again perfect anemone, opening in my fingers.”

Hassane Rabehi, Algerian ambassador to China, read “My motherland, I love you beyond imagination,” and addressed the profound friendship of China and Algeria. “The friendship between Algeria and China will last forever, for the common interests of all mankind, the friendship of all countries in the world will last forever,” he said.

The global “Read a poem” online campaign is a central component of the second season of CGTN’s multilingual integrated product “Poetry Sans Frontiers,” which will be broadcast online on January 1, 2023.

“Poetry Sans Frontiers” is a cross-cultural exchange program launched by CGTN that breaks the language boundaries through the narration and poetry recitation of different countries and characters, employs poetry to tell the story of beautiful love, genuine friendship, fearless courage, love for life, praise for nature and a longing for peace.

In season two of “Poetry Sans Frontiers,” seven episodes will be presented to global audiences, namely friendship, peace, life, beginner’s mind, love and courage, return, and dream.

The products will be distributed globally on all CGTN platforms, CMG new media platforms, and international platforms as global poetry collection activities and poetry-related documentaries, among other concepts, to promote emotional person-to-person exchanges among nations.


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