Head of leading business group proposes interest-free financing model for investment projects

The burden of interest rates on investors, which harms competitiveness of investors in international markets by creating large interest costs, have led Turkey's leading business organization, MÜSİAD, to develop an interest-free, profit-oriented financing model with more partners

One of the

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Pillars of Ethiopia’s foreign policy, economic diplomacy

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ethiopia’s foreign policy is positioned on various strategic pillars that aims at ensuring national sovereignty, eradicating poverty and creating peaceful environments conducive for internal and external shared benefits. 

In a recently held …

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Economic diplomacy bringing multifaceted…

It was 17 years back the Ethiopian foreign policy was chalked out incorporating the issues of other domestic policies to address various socioeconomic hurdles. This move laid the bedrock for achieving economic take off, scaling down poverty, ensuring sustainable peace, …

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