Preparing for climate change

Climate change was the subject of a training workshop held for journalists and media professionals in Alexandria recently. The workshop was organised by the Environmental Affairs Authority’s Low Emission Capacity Building Programme in Egypt (LECBPE), the United Nations Development Programme …

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A More Geopoliticized Nuclear Suppliers Group


The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) for twenty years—until the 1990s—successfully avoided geostrategic confrontation in administering multilateral nuclear export controls. Since then, largely prompted by the NSG’s considerations about its relationship with India, the strategic rivalries of important suppliers—the United

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Climate victims seek justice, on the street and in the courtroom

dpa/AFP/File / Oliver BergThe climate justice movement highlights the fact that rich nations are overwhelmingly to blame for causing climate change, but that poor ones have been the first to cope with its impacts

People around the world beset

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Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General

The following is a near‑verbatim transcript of today’s noon briefing by Farhan Haq, Spokesman for the Secretary‑General.

**Noon Briefing Guest

In just a short while, Jamie McGoldrick, the Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator for the Republic of Yemen, will join …

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Six mois ferme pour s'être fait passer pour une victime du Bataclan

AFP/Archives / JACQUES DEMARTHONLe Bataclan, au lendemain d'un attentat meurtrier, le 14 novembre 2015 à Paris

"Avec le temps, je me suis empêtré dans ce mensonge": un ambulancier de 29 ans a été condamné vendredi à Versailles à six

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