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Donald Trump: An emperor or disaster on the world stage?

The Donald Trump presidency in the US harkens to a period when protectionism dominated world politics. He heralds the revival of supremacy that invigorates his base through a hegemonic exhibition of exclusion and admonishment congruently derailing allies and foes.

The …

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Africa-UK moving forward together


rade relations are changing globally. As regional groupings are disrupted and reformed, global value chains contract, protectionism creeps in and the digital economy strengthens, old hat trading portfolios look increasingly out-dated. Without a doubt, enthusiasm for multilateralism has waned …

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Distant guns, hungry children

With a doubt, this past year was one of shocking man-made food crises and famine. And tragically, the world's poorest and most vulnerable children were made to suffer due to the greed and hatred of adults.

In 2017, the United …

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Address by the Hon. Minister at the Presentation of the Report “At the Root of Exodus: food security, conflict, and international migration”

(The authentic text is only the one actually delivered)

Executive Director David Beasley,

Prof Enrico Giovannini,

Your Excellencies the Ambassadors,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very grateful to the World Food Programme, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development and the …

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Discorso dell’On. Ministro alla Presentazione del Rapporto “At the Root of Exodus: food security, conflict, and international migration”

Fa fede solo il testo effettivamente pronunciato

Direttore Esecutivo David Beasley

Prof. Enrico Giovannini

Signori Ambasciatori,

Signore e Signori,

Sono molto grato al Programma Alimentare Mondiale, all’Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile e alla Cooperazione Italiana per il lavoro di …

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