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Unlocking potential of culture, creativity for sustainable development 3 hours ago Revue

Creators of work as this will enjoy from a fully implemented culture policyOn March 21, 2011 over 450 members of the creative community gathered at the banquet hall of the Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos. It was an event, which many, who attended, wo…

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South Sudan: Navigating the Competing Interests of Regional Actors in South Sudan

By Luka Kuol

Regional considerations have always played a prominent role in South Sudan’s security landscape. Indeed, the country was born from a regional fissure between what are today Sudan and South Sudan. This schism has been subsequently sh…

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Arab summit calls for probe into chemical attack in Syria

DHAHRAN – The 29th Arab League summit, dubbed “Jerusalem Summit’, ended on Sunday evening with adoption of the Dhahran Declaration, which called for fostering joint action to protect the Arab world from dangers as well as to ensure its security and sta…

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