Uganda:Refugee Scandal – the Inside Story

Photo: Daily Monitor

Children share food at Nakivale Refugee Camp in the Isingiro district (file photo).


Kampala — Panic has gripped every office that has a role in managing the refugee situation in Uganda.

All …

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Frank Dialogue Due on Peacekeeping’s Future amid Evolving Threats, Growing Pressure, Top Officials Tell Special Committee as General Debate Begins

The time had come for the United Nations, its Member States and other partners to engage in a frank discussion on the future of peacekeeping in response to ever-changing threats and challenges in some of the world’s most hostile environments, …

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Matters at hand

Vietnam faced two sets of interrelated domestic and external challenges in 2017. The major domestic challenge was how to reduce corruption and reform the developing economy so that the country could effectively integrate into the global economy. This was a

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A More Geopoliticized Nuclear Suppliers Group


The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) for twenty years—until the 1990s—successfully avoided geostrategic confrontation in administering multilateral nuclear export controls. Since then, largely prompted by the NSG’s considerations about its relationship with India, the strategic rivalries of important suppliers—the United

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Hervé Juvin: A quest for survival; about the fourth world, or the comeback of politics.

Speech of Mr. Hervé Juvin, at the International Conference “Financial capitalism and its alternatives for the 21st century. Contributions to the 4th Economic Theory”

What is the world we are coming in? What is the world we are committed to …

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