Preparing for climate change

Climate change was the subject of a training workshop held for journalists and media professionals in Alexandria recently. The workshop was organised by the Environmental Affairs Authority’s Low Emission Capacity Building Programme in Egypt (LECBPE), the United Nations Development Programme …

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Conference on Integrated and Sustainable Management of Non-Nile Water in Sudan


A Conference “Integrated and Sustainable Management of Non-Nile Water in Sudan” took place on 21-23 November 2017 in Corinthia Hotel, Khartoum. The Conference was initiated by the UNESCO Chair for Water Resources and UNESCO Khartoum office, and attracted contributions …

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Climate victims seek justice, on the street and in the courtroom

dpa/AFP/File / Oliver BergThe climate justice movement highlights the fact that rich nations are overwhelmingly to blame for causing climate change, but that poor ones have been the first to cope with its impacts

People around the world beset

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World leaders, teenager plead for climate action at UN forum

AFP / John MACDOUGALLTimoci Naulusala, a 12-year-old from Fiji, gave a rousing speech on the perils of climate change at the talks in Bonn, later shaking hands with leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron, left, and German Chancellor Angela
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