Bulgaria foreign minister met with Malaysian counterpart

29 March 2016 | 13:40 | FOCUS News Agency

Picture: Focus Information AgencyBulgaria foreign minister met with Malaysian counterpart

Bulgaria foreign minister met with Malaysian counterpartPicture: Focus Information Agency

Kuala Lumpur. “Relations between Bulgaria and Malaysia may be further developed and strengthened in the context of Bulgaria’s EU membership, as well as in line with the enhanced partnership between the EU and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), of Asia–Europe Meeting (ASEM) and other multi-country formats.”
This is what Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Daniel Mitov said speaking at the meeting with his Malaysian counterpart Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, held during the first official visit of a Bulgarian foreign minister in Kuala Lumpur, the press office of the Bulgarian ministry announced.
“I would like to greet Malaysia for its active role in the region and in global aspect as an active member of ASEAN and as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in 2015-2016,” Minister Mitov remarked.
The Bulgarian minister also pointed out that Malaysia was an important partner of the EU in the region.
“Bulgaria supports the negotiations on the signing of the EU-Malaysia Partnership & Cooperation Agreement and the Malaysia-EU Free Trade Agreement,” he added.
The negotiations between the two parties started in the end of 2010 and are still underway.
Daniel Mitov and Anifah Aman united around the position that Bulgaria and Malaysia appreciated highly the friendly relations they have.
During the talks it was made clear that the two countries were ambitious to make maximum efforts to activate the political dialogue, which to stimulate the cooperation in all fields of mutual interest.
“Our country considers the trade-economic relations with Malaysia a priority, taking into account the fact that it is among the fastest developing economies in the region of Southeast Asia,” Daniel Mitov said, adding that we would eagerly welcome Malaysian investments in the Bulgarian economy.
“Bulgaria, on its part, can offer products that are traditional for the country – food products, Bulgarian wines, milk and dairy products, essential oils and rose oil, products of the machine building sector and electronics,” the minister explained.
The two foreign ministers also discussed issues of the international agenda, such as the situation in the Middle East.
Minister Daniel Mitov yet again expressed the position that DAESH could be defeated only with joint efforts, combined with international measures for stabilisation of the Middle East region.
“The Balkans, as well as the other regions, are highly vulnerable due to their nearness to the conflict zones in the Middle East and the Gulf, as well as due to their multi-cultural character and historical traces,” he said.
Earlier, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov presented Bulgaria as an attractive destination before the local entrepreneurs at a special presentation organised by the Malaysian foreign trade organisation.
At a special ceremony Minister Mitov was awarded Bulgarian Honorary Consul to Malaysia Steven Soh with the Golden Laurel Twig of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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