Britons 'could be hit with huge roaming charges for using phones abroad after Brexit'

British mobile phone users could face bills of up to €50 for every song they stream while in the EU after Brexit, experts have warned.

Unless Britain can agree a comprehensive free trade deal users could be slapped with huge data roaming charges, despite being part of an EU campaign to reduce fees ahead of complete ban next summer.

Once Article 50 is triggered Britons will no longer be protected by these rules, the Financial Times reported.

European providers will then be within their rights to charge customers high tariffs for using data abroad.

One EU official working on roaming charges warned music-lovers could be billed up to €10 for every MB they use.

He told the FT: “That is the risk.” 

Listening to a song on Spotify takes between 3MB and 5MB, which would leave non-EU customers with a bill of up to €50, he added.

The European Commission claim that a quick deal to avoid huge bills is not possible.

In a bid to avert the potential expense for customers World Trade Organisation rules state a deal would have to be made between all WTO members.

Therefore, a bilateral agreement between the UK and the EU would not be allowed.

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